Wheelchair For Kids

Custom Designed Wheelchairs For Kids From CW USA

Whether at home, at school or out in the community, children like to move, play and explore the world around them.  Special needs children are no different.  With a  custom designed wheelchairs for kids from Custom Wheelchairs USA, your child will get the freedom and support  he needs to enjoy his/her childhood to the fullest.

The CW USA design team will plan your child’s wheelchair with the needs of the parents in mind as well. These lightweight products are convenient to use in all kinds of environments, whether you are taking your child to school, day programs, doctor visits, or even for recreation with family and friends. Compact and easy to use, these wheelchairs have the  modifications and add-on features to support the daily mobility requirements of your child.

Call CW USA today for high quality wheelchairs for kids, custom designed for your child’s needs.