Special Needs Strollers

Special Needs Stroller For Quick Outings With Your Child

Custom Wheelchairs USA is here with high quality adaptive strollers to make those quick outings with your child safe and convenient. We strive to create the best configuration to provide the comfort and safety that your child needs while being transported along with the convenience and ease of use that you desire as a parent when you use the product.

Lightweight, durable and comfortable, these adaptive strollers are designed to accommodate infants, toddlers, teens and adults. They come equipped with all the features that a parent might need to provide adequate transportation and mobility to their child with special needs. Large footplates, recessed leg areas, reclining seats, trunk and pelvic positioning features, head support and safety features are just some of the characteristics.  Plus, many of the adaptive strollers are manufacturer  to meet the specific requirements for bus transit.

Get in touch with CW USA for the best transportation solutions for your special needs child.