Special Needs Adaptive Bath Chairs

Special Needs Adaptive Bath Chairs From CW USA

Special needs adaptive bath chairs allow for maximum support, comfort, and ease of use for the special needs child or adult as well as their caregiver. Custom Wheelchairs USA is here with a host of adaptive bathing solutions to meet your specific needs.

These special needs adaptive bath chairs and multi-functioning systems have been designed with factors like hygiene, positioning, and convenience and comfort in mind. Plus, with the proper fit, you can rest assured of a safe and sound bathing experience without the danger of accidents or injuries. These lightweight products are easy to handle and maintain as well. They can make bathing a pleasurable and interactive experience rather than a stressful one.

Special needs adaptive bath chairs need to support the special needs child or adult comfortably and safely. They also need to be comfortable for the caregiver to work with and they have to work in the bathroom where they are used. We can help you choose the product that fits not only the needs of the special needs individual, but the environment and the lifestyle of the family. Maybe the adaptive bath chair will be used in a dedicated bathroom and never have to come out of the tub; but maybe it has to be easy to take out and put away for other family members to efficiently use the bathroom. Striking this balance is where our specialists can help. Call us today!

Special needs adaptive bath chair
The Rifton Wave adaptive bath chair features angle adustability for just the right positioning.
Special Needs Adaptive Bath support
The Wrap Around Bath Support promotes stability in a seated upright position.