Special Needs Activity Chair

Special Needs Activity Chair For Engaging Your Child

Custom Wheelchairs USA offers a range of better positioning and seating solutions for the comfort and safety of your child. Our pediatric special needs activity chairs have been designed to provide adequate support with many add-on features that allow children to function at a higher level.

The CW USA team has been able to come up with solutions to most of the problems that special needs children face with the normal seating options available to them. We can supply a device that provides for better positioning while stabilizing the pelvis and trunk and allowing for better arm movement.  These special needs high chairs also allow a child to be seated at eye level with his/her peers, building confidence in their mind and allowing them to get more involved in activities. Added safety features prevent any unwanted accidents or injuries from occurring.

Allow CW USA to create a difference in your child’s life with our special needs seating solutions. Call us today!