Pediatric Standers

Pediatric Standers Help Support Muscle and Bone Development

Pediatric standers can be effective assistive equipment for helping children with development delays and physical challenges to encourage muscle growth and bone strengthening, allowing the child to bear weight on his/her legs. These products can be are especially beneficial for kids facing ambulatory issues which might confine them to a wheelchair. With the use of these assistive devices, children can get the benefit of standing at several intervals through the day, often allowing improved digestion, breathing, and circulation as well as many other therapeutic and physiological benefits.

Pediatric standers from Custom Wheelchairs USA are designed to provide safe and effective standing solutions to kids with special needs. They come with adjustable height and other modifications to make the product perfectly comfortable for use by your child. They are made from high-quality materials capable of providing adequate support to your child while standing, irrespective of his/her weight or body size.

Call us today or the highest quality pediatric standers for your child. CW USA is here to service all kinds of therapeutic needs of your special needs child.