Adult Rehab

There is a difference between sitting and sitting well.  Adults have a wide range of positioning, comfort and mobility needs, based on age, disability, and lifestyle, and CustomWheelchairs USA can create the right solution for you! Our rehab technology specialists will come to your home for a comprehensive evaluation of your mobility and lifestyle needs and provide the best configured product to address your needs. We can provide:

* Custom manual wheelchairs (including ultra-light and tilt-in-space models)

* Power wheelchairs (including alternative drive controls and power seat function models)

* Scooters (3- or 4-wheeled)

* Bath and shower chairs

* Adaptive commodes

* Patient lifts

* Hospital beds

* Adaptive products for Activities of Daily Living

* Ramps

We do not accept insurance but will provide paperwork for you to submit to insurance for reimbursement. When the equipment is ready for delivery, our specialist will return to the home for accurate fitting and to educate the family on proper use and basic maintenance of the equipment.

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